My Journey to You

I am a Colorado native who gravitates to small mountain towns. I love the diversity of Colorado, but set out to widen my perspective. After a degree from Boulder in Psychology and several years in Crested Butte and Aspen, I pursued a Master’s degree in Social Work as an “advanced Generalist specializing in rural and transitional communities”. My passion has always been Mental Health and I have practiced working with others to improve their lives at home, with family, in communities or in residential care.

I worked with children and youth in Kenai and Kodiak Alaska, spent four years serving Beaver county Utah, traveled in southwest Australia providing mobile services to 3 rural regions, then went  to Tasmania and worked throughout the state in community Social Work and as Senior Social Worker for Mental Health.

I love helping people believe in themselves!

I help people to claim their power!

I use different methods for bonding with kids, various cognitive-behavioral techniques for adults and cognitive exercises and stimulation for folks who are slowing down and experiencing some mental decline.

Social Work emphasizes the connections to others and in the broader community. It is in our connecting with others that issues can arise and challenge us.

I believe in broadening our own perspectives, embracing differences, accepting others as they are and growing to be the best we can be!

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